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Who's fundraising right now for St Michael's and how can you support them?

Our fabulous London Marathon 2018 team includes:


Please meet our running duo kieron and Sam! These two really are awesome, they are extremely enthusiastic about their fundraising endeavours and are very eager to help St Michael's help disadvantaged families where they can. 

"the organisation is very close to us, due to Kieron's mum Jo working the frontline day in day out helping these families."

Find our more about Sam and Kieron here


Lauren Turner! We are very pleased to introduce you to Lauren, a very dedicated memeber of our team, who is passionate about the work that we do to support some our most disadvantaged children and their families. 

"I really want to help St Michael's continue the work that they do in trying to end vicious cycles of poverty and deprivation that so many young children are brought up in."  

To get involved and Support Lauren on her fundraising journey you can do so here


Introducing Mike Deacon! Mike is an avid and zealous supporter of St Michael's fellowship, we are very lucky to have him as a member of our 2018 team. 

Mike has two reasons for running the marathon, "Firstly because I've turned 50, and just want to see if I can do it! Secondly, I want to raise money for St Michael's fellowship."Mike is committed to backing the work that St Michaels does to secure the best possible future for all children no matter their background.

Follow and Support Mike's journey here


Meet Marcus Pearce! Marcus is another fantastic member of our 2018 London Marathon team eagerly anticipating the big day! 

Marcus recognises just how crucial the work that St Michael's does to protect children from abusive and violent circumstances they may be brought up in. 

"I want to help St Michael's continue to educate young parents so that they can become the best parents to their children that they can possibly be!"

Support Marcus here





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