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"resources such as KIM really can save lives" Child Abuse Review

KIM tells the story of a young woman involved in a volatile relationship, and the effects of domestic violence on herself and her young daughter. The film was created in response to the needs of many of the young parents we work with, who felt that the domestic violence resources available did not reflect their stories, needs and experiences as young people. They wanted to create a film that spoke for them, for other young people affected by domestic violence.

The learning resource includes a DVD copy of the film, a series of five, two-hour workshops looking at control and violence in young relationships and two further video resources - one highlighting the experience of a child, and another that of a parent - an interview with a mother whose teenage daughter was killed by her partner.

Workshops include:

  • The effect of domestic violence on victims, and the impact of fear and control on a victim's ability to leave an abusive relationship.

  • Identifying the dynamics of abusive relationships, power and control, types of abuse.

  • Identifying the beliefs that underpin and reinforce abusive behaviour.

  • Identifying how perpetrators may use their children to get information about their partner.

  • Understanding what different men and women expect from relationships, and how relationship dynamics can change with the addition of a child.

  • The impact of domestic violence on children, and the importance of conflict resolution in all relationships.

  • What friends can do to help if they think someone is being abused, or perpetrating abuse.

  • Attitudes and beliefs about gender and gender roles - how attitudes can influence people's beliefs about acceptable and unacceptable relationship behaviours.


TINY Film and learning resource - £20

Tiny follows the experiences of Leon, a young boy who is groomed by a local gang, and shows the tensions the Chuka Umunna MP, Patronexperiences between home, school and gang life. The film was made in partnership with Latimer Creative and 50 young people from Lambeth, with award-winning novelist Alex Wheatle as script consultant. 

Patron Chuka Umunna MP (seen here at the launch) said Westminster politicians needed to see Tiny to understand the realities of gang grooming.

The toolkit learning resource includes six workshop frameworks, all with learning outcomes, exercises for students and factual information and briefing notes for workshop leaders:

  • Why and how certain children and youths are targeted and groomed into gangs, effects on those individuals and warning signs for parents, friends and teachers.

  • Exploration of reasons why young people join gangs and the complications of getting out.

  • Gang hierarchy, and how 'elder' gang members may operate, and how abusive adults can exert power and control over young or vulnerable people.

  • The roles that girls play in gangs and gang culture and female exploitation (including sexual exploitation and abuse) in gangs.

  • Exploration of parenting and parental/family influence in young peoples decision-making, and how family members can spot gang involvement.

  • How gang activity affects the wider community, and how the community can respond and support individuals - roles of family, friends, services and police.

All of the workshops include detailed teacher notes, references to sections of the film, and briefings for teachers on the law.

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