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Who's fundraising right now for St Michael's and how can you support them?

Our fabulous London Marathon 2017 team includes:


Harry Timms (pictured, visititing the officer) and his friend Harry Agnew are students Newcastle University running and fundraising together for St Michael's.

It's their first time running a marathon. Read more about Harry's visit to our offices here.  Please support the Newcastle Two here.


Marathon fundraiserStaff member Imogen says, "I've enjoyed running for several years and regularly do the parkrun 5ks on a Saturday. I also quite often do 10ks. I've done two Oxford Half Marathons, in early October. After this year's, I decided it was time to try the marathon! 

I'm aiming for five hours or less! Fingers crossed this is realistic!"

Support Imogen seen here fundraising, not training


Jens BerringFour young friends from Bristol, Jens Berring, James Foss, Sebastian Simpson and George Lazarides, are running together but the competition between them is fierce! "The 23rd April is a date teeming with historic significance: John Cena was born in 1977, Charles II was crowned King in 1661 and, of course, it's St. George's Day. In 2017, however, S.W.E.R.G (the South West Elite Running Group) are looking to fashion some history of our own by taking part in the London Marathon!" 

Support the Bristol Boys!

Seany O'KaneSeany O'Kane (on the left in this picture, and looking uncharacterstically bewildered) is one of our vets and this will be his FIFTH marathon for St Michael's. "Who needs toe nails anyway?" is his motto.

As a former member of staff, Seany knows all about the great work we do, especially with young dads. 

Help Seany complete the course again by supporting him here. Support Seany 


Luis Perez, a local tennis coach, is someone who really understands how becoming a young father 'pushes a reset' button.

He is passionate about the work we do we young parents in Lambeth to help give them and their child the best possible start in life.  Please Support Luis





Colin Shaw says "I've wanted to do for several years. Although a frequent gym goer, I haven't done much running since I did a half marathon 4 years ago!! I have always wanted to complete a marathon which will keep the Shaw family tradition going."  Help Colin to maintain the tradition Support Colin




Sim Wishlade is someone who's known our work for many years and wants to help us make a difference, so please support his fundraising efforts! Support Sim


Karis Prosser

Karis Prosser says she is still 'in shock' at signing up to run the London Marathon for St Michael's (snow would be unusual, although with the uncertainties of the English weather, her ski training could come in handy) but is determined to raise £2,000 for St Michael's Fellowship. Support Karis




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