Community Family Assessments

mother and child

Where the risk to children in a family can be managed in the community,it may be appropriate to carry out a community-based family assessment. This is a major advantage if parents or children are affected by a physical or learning disability, and moving to a different place could affect the management of their disability. A community assessment may also be appropriate where a family relies on a network of local services, and moving would disrupt this.

Community assessments typically last 12 weeks, using a mix of home-based observations, play-based activities to highlight the voice of the child and one to one sessions with parents. Assessments follow the methodology developed through our experience of residential assessments; parents are encouraged to develop their strengths, and come to recognise where their behaviour may be failing to meet their child’s needs.

In common with our residential assessments, the recommendation in respect of a child is based on:

  • whether a parent is currently able to be a ‘good enough’ parent to their child
  • whether evidence suggests they will be able to continue to meet that child’s needs as they grow and develop 
  • what ongoing support a family may need to continue to be a 'good enough' parent

Viability Assessments

We offer shorter viability assessments which aim to establish whether a family can and should be reunited for a period of comprehensive assessment. We can provide:

Papers-based assessments  - review the existing documentation relating to a family

Feasibility assessments - also include supervised contact, individual and couple sessions with the parents to offer feedback and explore assessment concerns and child-centred activities to highlight their ‘voice’. Such assessments typically last around three weeks. We then recommend whether further assessment is feasible.

Download a copy of our Family Assessment Services brochure below.

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