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An Intern's experience at our Young Parents Group

As an intern, it was my first time attending the weekly young parents group run by St. Michael's at Brockwell Park.

After an early morning trip to Tesco to pick up ingredients to feed 20, we headed over to Brockwell Park’s One O’Clock Club. The stereotypes of young parents portrayed in the media as anti-social and disorderly swirled in my mind. One look around the children’s centre made me realise I was deceived.

Cook Up Group

If you are a young mum or dad aged 24 and under, join us at our Cook Up group. It's a free weekly drop in on Thursdays where you can learn how to prepare healthy nutritious meals from scratch and enjoy them with the group. It is a chance for you to make friends over lunch and for your children to socialise too.

Cook Up takes place at Stockwell Children's Centre from 1 – 3 pm on Thursdays.

Just drop in, or if you'd like to know more, ring 020 8835 9570 and ask to speak to one of the Outreach team

Thank you to all our supporters in 2016

Thank you! Your support has changed the lives of local children and families. 

“St Michael’s helped me to be open and confident, to say ‘I can do this, regardless of how old I am, how immature I was in the past, I can be a great dad!’”

We’ve been able to help 51 pregnant teenagers, 102 young mothers and 40 young fathers to give their new baby the best possible start in life.

One O'Clock Club Positive Parenting Tree

The fabulous Positive Parenting Tree created by parents and children at our weekly Friday group for young parents at Brockwell Park's One O'Clock Club over several weeks.

The young parents explored the impact of both positive and negative childhood experiences on their own parenting. They looked at the skills and tools they need for positive, healthy parenting and how to break cycles that could hold their child back. 

Young Parents' Group

If you're a young mum or dad aged under 24, do come to our free group o Fridays for people like you. It's a chance to meet new friends, share a delicious hot meal and find out more about how your child is growing and how you can give them the best support. Children love this group too - they get to play together and try lots of different toys and activities. 

Our Young Parents' Group takes place at Brockwell Park One O'Clock Club.

The Group runs from 10.30am - 2.30 pm on Fridays.