"fathers are not pursued if they fail to attend a case conference or seek support, whereas mothers are"

Coparenting is where parents work together to raise a child even though they no longer live together. Coparenting helps children to feel less anxious and confused and to understand that their mother and father respect each other.

The need for ‘Securing Change’

Why we need to support parents robustly when they leave residential assessment with or without their children

We revisited four families who left the Centre with their children last year, to find out if they had been able to keep their children.

Sadly, only one family was able to keep their child.

Family 1 – We recommended, and the Court agreed, that mother and child return to the maternal grandmother’s home. Later, the mother chose to leave after meeting a new boyfriend. She is now expecting another child.

Nutrition & Diet- The Importance of Healthy Eating

Affordable access to sufficient nutritious food is vital for both a child’s health and wellbeing. Food poverty is defined as ‘the inability to afford, or have access to, the food needed for a healthy diet.’ The rate of childhood obesity and children being overweight is on the rise. This is particularly alarming as a poor diet is linked to malnutrition, poor psychical and cognitive development, as well as behavioural issues and impacts on a child’s ability to concentrate and learn.

Did you know?

An Intern's experience at our Young Parents Group

As an intern, it was my first time attending the weekly young parents group run by St. Michael's at Brockwell Park.

After an early morning trip to Tesco to pick up ingredients to feed 20, we headed over to Brockwell Park’s One O’Clock Club. The stereotypes of young parents portrayed in the media as anti-social and disorderly swirled in my mind. One look around the children’s centre made me realise I was deceived.

Child Safety Week

Last week was the annual Child Safety Week, which promotes an increased awareness of the risks of child accidents and how they can be prevented. Although Child Safety Week runs for 7 days, the safety of children is important all year round.

We can offer a free range of safety equipment to young families in Lambeth to keep their children 0-5 years of age safe.

Equipment you could receive include:

Volunteer Counsellor Vacancy

Are you a fully trained counsellor?

Support our work with disadvantaged parents and help us make a difference to them, their children, families and communities

Please consider volunteering with us if you are

  • A BACP registered counsellor
  • Have experience working with males and females experiencing issues such as: Abuse, Anger, Depression, Self harm, Anxiety and Relationships
  • And can offer a minimum of one afternoon a week

We offer a comfortable, private working environment and paid monthly supervision plus travel expenses.

Lambeth's Safeguarding Website

St Michael's head office which also houses our family contact centre Jigsaw is in Lambeth, and outreach and community assessments focus on the borough. Three of our four residential centres are also in Lambeth, although families may come from many different parts of the country, and like our outreach team they work with local children's centres, health practitioners and other agencies.