Luis runs for St Michael’s

Luis is a member of our 2017 marathon team. We had the pleasure of meeting Luis a number of weeks ago which you can read about here.


Luis says about the London Marathon “It's something I have wanted to do since I was a young teenager, hoping one day the opportunity would present itself.”.

Luis discusses why now, “Last year my wife, and my son, got caught up in central London the same day the Marathon was being held and decided to join in and cheer the runners.”. He goes on to explain that his son “got home that day so excited…kept on telling me “Papi! You must run the marathon next year ….pleeeeeeeeaaaassseee!” And my daughter, imitating everything her older brother says started an encore: “Run it, run it, run it…..””.

Luis began researching the London Marathon and found out that it is on a very important date for him, the date he became a father. He says “From that moment I HAD to run! For my kids!”.

Luis is clearly a dedicated father and is very passionate about supporting families in Lambeth. He said “I was very grateful and pleased to have got a place with St Michaels Fellowship. They do fantastic work in Lambeth council with young disadvantaged families.”

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