Congratulations London 2018 runners

marathon runnersCongratulations - and thank you so much for all your hard work and support

Eleven set off and eleven came home for the London Marathon 2018 - the hottest on record. 

Our sizzling team included vet Rush, now a grandfather; Sam who completed the distance in 4 hours 18 minutes - even though he'd fallen off a roof days before, and one woman, Lauren, who was the fastest of everyone! Lauren told us:

"It was an absolute pleasure (although from about mile 18 I was questioning why I had put myself through this...) it has always been something I have wanted to do and it has been wonderful to raise money for such a brilliant cause. Thank you so much for letting me run for you, it was such a fantastic experience and I am still very much on a high from it all! I have been hobbling about a bit, and replacing all of my burned calories with A LOT of cake." 

And what the men said said

"What an experience. Amazing. My legs have completely gone!" 

"Delighted to help such a wonderful cause."

"An amazing day but in a world of pain!"

"It was a fantastic experience – back at work but taking the lift instead of the stairs!"

"If it is OK, am in for 2019?" 

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