Investing in our teams and families

How can our teams work even better together? What goes into our outstanding court reports? These are a few of the questions our teams have been tackling over the last few months. One of the many things that makes St Michael's so special is how much we invest in training our teams.  Here's a few of the sessions we've run over the last few months.

Making things happen

Stopping meetings turning into talking shops was the aim of a recent training session by coach Mike White. Mike worked with our house managers to help them develop their skills through Action Learning. Designed to help them approach problems in a more active way, the training and coaching sessions encourage active listening and questions from their peers to help find practical solutions. This could be anything from dealing with staff to resolving a difficult situation involving a social worker. 

Keeping up our standards  

"Excellent report once again."  Social Worker

We are very proud of the quality and detail in our reports to courts about the families staying with us. Last month we ran a two-day course for our house teams to make sure everyone understands the process and to keep our standards high.

Interactive sesssions with role playing

All our new sessional workers get intensive training about working in our houses. It covers everything from how to interact with families to how to record observations. It's a really interactive session you can read more about it here. 

Understanding Universal Credit

Next up is training for our teams around Universal Credit and how this could and will impact the families we are supporting. 

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