"The centre excels in its involvement in research, which is having an impact on families within the centre, the organisation, the locality and nationally." Ofsted 2016

Young parents outreach  

Each year, we work with hundreds of teenage and young mothers and fathers in Lambeth. Staff offer these vulnerable young adults tailored support to make the transition to parenthood and to create a stable and nurturing environment where their children can thrive. In our latest review, Lambeth commissioners gave St Michael's the highest possible rating  - 50 / 50. 

Amongst our most recent achievements: children de-registered from child protection plans and child in need plans (nearly a fifth of children on such plans), nearly all new mothers start breast feeding (88%). fathers who have lost contact with their child or had no contact start seeing their child, sometimes in supervised conditions (seven fathers), young parents start college or find training and employment (27 parents) and parents gain new skills and knowledge, moving them towards employment - 49 AQA certificates were awarded to 29 parents in 15 different units including cooking skills and preparation for parenthood. 

Family Assessment Services

“I was really scared when I first came as I had been somewhere like this before and I had my baby took off me. This place is so much nicer and you were honest with me. You lot told me what to do and I did it. Now I can leave with my kid and start a new life together.”  Mother

"There is a culture of continual reflection and analysis to inform further improvement."  Ofsted

During 2015 – 2016 we worked with 67 families from 24 local authorities. This included 74 children. The majority of children (53%) were newborn (up to four weeks old). This is important because with the earliest intervention, the child has the best chance for a secure future.

A total of 61 previous children had been removed from 30 of the families. Of these 30, 21 returned home with their children. And in total, nearly two thirds of families (63%) returned home with their children. 

Three houses were inspected by Ofsted during eight months in 2015 - 2016. Two were graded ‘Outstanding’, one for the third consecutive time, the other for the second consecutive time. The third house was graded ‘Good’ with Outstanding features. There the inspector noted,

“The organisation excels in their commitment to innovative practice, research and their contribution towards improving families’ lives and the overall social care sector.”

Where parents are not able to return to the community with their children, we emphasise the importance of family, and children in such circumstances may be placed within their extended family.

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