Interview with one of our Family Assessment Practitioners

“Without this opportunity, professionals may not realise a parent’s potential and families may be separated when they don’t need to be.”

Ellie, one of our Family Assessment Practitioners, talks about her work and the importance of St Michael’s Residential Assessments in ensuring the best futures for children and families, and how St Michael’s is fundraising to create a sensory room for vulnerable babies and young children. 


A powerful reminder of how we change people's lives

Here we talk to Clare* about her life growing-up. She tells us about reluctantly coming to our DIVA group for young mums affected by domestic abuse.

Clare was violent towards her own mum

After witnessing domestic violence as a child, she thought it was an acceptable way to behave, regularly attacking her mum as a teenager. Clare was referred to St Michael's by social workers when she had a baby 5 years ago. At the time she was 16 and being domestically abused by her long-term boyfriend but she couldn't see it or see herself as a victim.

Our 'Success Rate'

“What’s your success rate?”

It’s a question many people ask.  I asked it myself when I joined St Michael’s. How many families from our residential houses go home after their stay with us with their child?

And one answer is: between a third and two thirds. Some years it’s higher than others.

The other answer is: 100%. Because the measure of success is a child or children’s future safety and wellbeing. Our duty is always to the child.

Could working for St Michael's make you a better social worker?

When Yatta started working for us as a sessional, she didn’t realise how much working for us would impact on her future work as a social worker.

Yatta applied to be a sessional worker in our residential family assessment centres in 2014 when she was in her final year at University studying to be a social worker. After she qualified, she decided to apply to work with us as a family assessment practitioner. We were lucky to have her on our team.