Could working for St Michael's make you a better social worker?

When Yatta started working for us as a sessional, she didn’t realise how much working for us would impact on her future work as a social worker.

Yatta applied to be a sessional worker in our residential family assessment centres in 2014 when she was in her final year at University studying to be a social worker. After she qualified, she decided to apply to work with us as a family assessment practitioner. We were lucky to have her on our team.

Why our contact centre is special?

Emotions can sometimes be running high. We do everything possible to make sure families and children get the most out of this precious time.

With relationship breakdowns or child protection issues there can be a lot for families to process and take on board. It’s important that families are involved in preparing for these sessions.

We have been fighting to keep families together for over 100 years. Our teams work hard to help parents be the best that they can be and to keep children safe. 

"Like walking into a trap"

It can feel like they are walking into traps

“Their attitude is a habit, can I put it that way?  It’s hard to change a habit, to change your whole way of thinking and way of talking. And then you walk into these professional meetings where they are judging everything. From the way you smell,  the way you look, the way you talk, your posture, the way you present yourself, how sincere you are sounding, or not.“

Welcoming start to what can be a tough and thorough process

The vast majority of families we have in our residential assessment centres are either on benefits or on very low incomes.

Arriving at our houses can be a very daunting experience for families. Sometimes they have little or no money. They have been sent here under very difficult circumstances to have their parenting abilities fully assessed. They are walking into alien environment with people they don’t know, to go through a difficult and challenging process. 

Goodbye India the intern

“They made sure I got the most out of my time here and instilled a confidence within me”

After 10 weeks, we said goodbye to our intern India Bigg.

A graduate in American Studies from University of Sussex, with a passion for helping women and not eating animals, she brought with her lots of energy and enthusiasm and we will miss her.

Silver Recycling Award

Recycling company First Mile have awarded us their Silver Certificate, recognising the work we've put into making our organisation more eco repsonsible in the past year.  

We're also well on the way to being 100% carbon neutral for our electricity supplies.  Next stop, gas!


Favourite apps for supporting parents with learning difficulties

Tech is offering the parents we work with even more ways to learn about child development, parenting skills and to build their confidence.  

Hannah, the Deputy Manager, at our Residential Assessment House that specialises in supporting parents with learning difficulties, tells us about some of her favourites: