A meeting with London Marathon runner Rush

A meeting with Rush, runner of Marathons and many longer events! 

Rush is our veteran marathon runner.  Every year he runs the London Marathon for St Michael’s and helps to raise thousands of pounds to support families.   

Like so many others, Rush was gutted when the London Marathon was cancelled last April. And although this year, it’s postponed until 3 October, he says, “I couldn’t imagine not running the London Marathon in the third week of April.  So I went out 25 April and ran 26 miles.”  

If you remember, the weather that day was particularly foul.  

Rush isn’t now sure how many marathons he’s run – “somewhere between 350 and 375” is his best guess. He has run marathons in six continents and is planning a trip to Antarctica in 2023 (yes, the Antarctic Marathon is a thing), to make it 7/7. He’ll then join a super elite club of only about 400 runners who have ever completed this feat.  

But the London Marathon is only one of the many long-distance events in Rush’s running year – and not a particularly lengthy one.  He’s an ultra runner and has completed 100 mile events where “your body breaks down”. (At this point, he’s not really selling it to me and my ambition to run 100 miles withers.) Nowadays, a grandfather, he no longer challenges himself in quite the same way, although he will shortly be supporting a friend who is doing the 100 miles by running alongside him  – “but just for the night”.  

Rush loves to hear about the other runners who are tackling the London Marathon for St Michael’s, especially people who are fairly new to long-distance running, he’s a wonderful ambassador for the sport. But he’s not prescriptive.  He’s also passionate that we should all be getting out into the fresh air to get a bit of exercise.  

Rush is running again for St Michael’s on 3 October. Follow his progress on the day using the Official App . And help him to reach his fundraising target for us (yet again!) by sponsoring him here.  

Rush says:

Hi everyone, if you know me, you know I love running marathons and I’ve completed marathons all over the world, including all the famous ones! Each year, THE most important marathon for me is London, because that’s when I raise funds for St Michael’s Fellowship, an amazing local charity helping disadvantaged children and families.


I’ve been running marathons for St Michael’s for 15 years and the staff there have become my friends. Their dedication shines – they truly believe that no child should suffer because of the circumstances they are born into. They know that everyone has the capacity to change. St Michael’s helps make the most moving and inspirational stories come true – to keep families together and to give children the best chance in life. Do check their website and social media for powerful testimonials.


Please help me reach my fundraising target this year so that St Michael’s can continue the brilliant work.