About Us

We work with parents in our residential centres and in the community to make sure children can have the best possible start in life

Our values and goals

We want families to have the best chance in life. We believe that no child should be at a disadvantage because of the circumstances of their birth. We work directly with parents to help children become healthy, confident and financially independent adults.  We work with families in residential houses and in the community in Lambeth, South London. We are a local charity but our work has national influence through partnerships with universities and other charities.

The need for our work

'Parenting is the biggest single factor affecting children's wellbeing and development" - Public Health England 

The parents we work with may have complex problems. It is striking that many have been in care, with a background of neglect and abuse in their own childhoods. They may live in poverty and struggle to find work. The bedrock of our work is intensive, tailored support for each parent as an individual...this approach is agreed to work by parents and professionals.

You can read about the impact of our work here. 

Our annual accounts and the trustees' report are available from the Charity Commission website. 


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