Coronavirus updated service

Our priority is to keep families and staff as safe as possible. Here's how.  

Our family residential​ service

We've changed shift timings to limit staff travel. To ensure children’s safety, we have had to install video cameras in case we need to monitor remotely. Staff use PPE (facemasks, face shields, aprons and gloves) as well as a sanitiser. Children's centres are shut so we're organising activities for parents and their children to encourage outside play.  Families also need to speak to their family and friends so we're helping them to get online for this. And we now provide Netflix at our centres. More

Our outreach service

The bedrock of our community work with young families in Lambeth is 121 support tailored to each mother or father - so the loss of face to face contact has had a huge impact and involves “so much learning” (practitioner) but also real opportunities to “think on your feet, be creative”. We are supporting parents by extended phone calls with their keyworker, WhatsApp and Zoom groups.  There are lots of activities going on - 121 cooking sessions with a ‘what’s in my cupboard?’ basis are popular and allow for extended conversations whilst prepping food. More

Jigsaw Family Contact Centre

We've introduced a new video call service which everyone really likes.  Some parents and children now have more frequent contact and for parents who live further afield.  We have had several new enquiries about this service and plan to keep it on, even after lockdown. Whilst it will never replace physical contact, we think it works brilliantly alongside. More

Donate Today

Covid-19 has already cost us money, in cleaning supplies, emergency food and delivery and the switch to digital working and we are applying for funding to cover this. In the longer term, we think there will be more need for our services and a more difficult economic climate.

If you too can help us by donating today, we would be so grateful! 


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