Our History

Our History

At the beginning of the 20th Century, Agnes Parr had a vision to "to provide shelter, moral guidance and training to single mothers from a good family" and thus St. Michael’s Fellowship was founded...

Agnes wanted to help single mothers to keep their babies and find work to support themselves – a revolutionary idea at the time.  We continue her work, developing new services and pioneering ways to help children and families in the twenty-first century. We fought for residential parenting assessment centres to be regulated by Ofsted, as family assessment centres rather than nursing homes. We were very early champions of young fathers and the need to listen to, involve and include them at every stage of their baby's development. 

Today, St. Michael’s maintains an innovative approach and believes in the capacity of parents we work with for positive change. 

St Michael's Fellowship is  commited to creating oppourtunites for families to evolve and grow in a healthier way. 

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