What we do

The services and programmes we provide are at the heart of St Michael's Fellowship. We aim to break intergenerational cycles of poverty and underachievement so that children may be healthy, confident and financially independent adults.

We offer three main services to help families change their lives:

  • Residential Family Assessment & Support: Supports families in fixed-term residency at one of three centres in south London. Securing Change is our follow on service, supporting mums and dads who have left. 

  • 'Jigsaw': A family contact service to rebuild family relationships. 

  • Outreach: A service offering one to one and peer support groups to young mums and dads in Lambeth.

“If there’s a parent in you, they’ll find it!” - Mother

How we work

We work holistically, offering parents practical, therapeutic and emotional support tailored to their individual needs, taking account of their changing circumstances. There is no 'one size fits all'. Our support can be straightforward such as helping a young mother update her CV; or it may be much more complex for young parents with issues reaching back into their own childhood. 

What would you like as main media?: