ASYE for newly qualified social workers

ASYE for newly qualified social workers

We offer Newly Qualified Social Workers (NQSWs) the Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) programme. The ASYE is a twelve month, employer-led programme. It offers support and assessment set against the Knowledge and Skills Statement for social workers in children and adult services. It provides planned access to regular and focused support and development within the workplace. Plus the assessment of individual professional practice against national standards.

Taking part in the ASYE supports newly qualified social workers to

  • consolidate their degree learning,
  • develop capability
  • strengthen their professional confidence in an employment environment.

We’ve been involved in the ASYE programme from the beginning and supported a number of NQSW staff through the programme.

After an initial three month induction, ASYE participants receive 1:1 reflective supervision, protected development time and ASYE practitioner support groups.

Check out more on the benefits and training available for St Michael’s staff here.

St Michael’s offers those looking for careers in social care a solid foundation to work from. But we’re also looking for people who have worked with children and/or parents and who have a wide range of experience and knowledge – educators, artists, and psychologists, for example, who can bring different perspectives to our work and help support families with complex needs.