Death of Chris Kaba

Check out the resource, tweeted by the Charity Young Minds. The news about Chris has affected us all, now is the time to draw on community resources.  

Visit the Bayo site to talk, or just read. They offer emergency emotional support, or you can look through the list of other charities they have to find something that speaks to you. You are not alone. 

We stand in solidarity with Chris Kaba’s family. Chris was a 24-year-old Black man, shot and killed by police in Streatham. He is the second Black man known to have died following contact with Met Police in the past three months and joins a long list of Black men who have died after the use of fatal force.  

We stand united for justice for the family. Chris was due to be a father. But, this right has been taken.  

Let us learn. Let us support expectant young fathers. Let us put pressure for the answers.  

You are not alone if this news has greatly affected you. Our community is sad and angry, there are resources to call on if you need them, we are always here.