Expectant Dad Roland

How St Michael’s helped an anxious first time expectant dad to overcome his problems.

Roland was referred to St. Michael’s by the Teenphase Midwifery service.  His partner Sophie was four months pregnant. Neither of them was in full-time employment or education.

This was Roland’s first child and the pregnancy was unplanned.

An anxious time 

At first, Roland avoided phone calls and messages but his partner Sophie persuaded him that St Michael’s might be able to help.

Roland was anxious about fatherhood and providing for three when he was unable to provide work.

After several one-to-one sessions, Roland talked about the cracks that were appearing in in his relationship with Sophie.

As the pregnancy progressed they were arguing more and he was concerned about her smoking. He was also a smoker and agreed to support her by quitting himself. Their St Michael’s keyworker took them both to a weekly smoking cessation workshop and both finally stopped. 

St Michael’s  also worked with Roland and Sophie to help them with their relationship.  They found ways to discuss the strains that were creating a barrier between them.

In a different place

When the baby arrived, Roland was in a different place. He started his own gardening business, felt excited and optimistic about the future and loved being a father.

Roland and Sophie have moved away from south London to an area they felt was more suitable for their baby.