First Caring Dads of 2019 a success

Here’s some of the great feedback we had from the dads that took part in our first Caring Dads of 2019.  

Did you enjoy Caring Dads?

“I did enjoy the group work. For the first day it was a bit like boring but after the first session I begin to love it.”

“No [I didn’t think I would like it]. But after that everybody opened up and you had the freedom to talk about yourself, your life and understand the people. And this is a very good experience. It has changed a lot of my life.” Chris

“I would advise everybody to come up and experience this the same way I did. And we should ask the government or whoever is in charge of these things to keep helping these things keep going. It’s gonna help many, many people and change many people’s lives and many peoples families as well.” Kit

What has changed for you since taking part in Caring Dads?  

“A lot. Before I didn’t know how to talk to my children. I was really too harsh for them. But since I have been here I have learnt more and there is a big change. Even my children know there has been change. So I understand, I talk to them, I hear them. So we try to split up our ideas. It’s not just Daddy, daddy, no. They say I listen to them more than I used to listen before, which is a big, big change for me. If you give me another 10 weeks I would be coming – no problem.” Javier

“The programme has helped a lot. I even thought ‘I am coming to waste my time here’. But now I realise it’s a very good option. I told the people – this programme should be before we have the bad problems.” Peter

“It’s added some thought provoking thinking, when you are going through situations with your children. It makes you think differently, which is good. Anything that can help with positive thinking, looking at things in a different way-is good.” 

“I think about the relationship between my daughter, her mother and me. And instead of accepting that that is separate I try and bring a bit more harmony between the three of us. Rather than saying we are separated, mums over there, dads over there, children are over there and in the middle. Try and bring it back just a little. Even a little bit. It makes a big difference.” Max 

“A lot, a lot. Cause you know, here they teach us a lot about self-control, the importance of the children in your life, actually you know, supporting for me the main thing.”  Juno 

Make a referall

We are now taking referals for future programmes. If you know anyone that works with dads who may need this kind of support to build better relationships with their partners and children please let them know about our Caring Dads programme at St Michaels

We also offer training to other professionals. Last moonth we were in Lewisham training a consortium of organisations in the area. 

**All names have been changed.