Warm Welcome 2020

Support our Warm Welcome 2020 

Never has anyone needed to feel more cared for than in 2020. Our families were already struggling, in crisis or just about coping. Now they are isolated and feeling alone with very young children. Covid has hit them like a sledgehammer. 

"The impact of Covid and the effects of isolation on these families and children will be felt for a very long time. It's been hard for us working with them, seeing them go through all this trauma. All we can do some times is hold a space for them. 

"One of the most important ways we welcomed parents into our St Michael's family was through our weekly groups and they couldn't happen, so we have had to get creative. Being able to welcome them by offering data to come to our virtual groups or stay connected to their friends and entertain their children is one of the ways we have done it," said Lorraine one of our young parent practitioners. 

One parent told us this year: 

There are three ways you can help? 

Run a Warm Welcome virtual event 

Between 1-7 December we are asking our supporters to run their own virtual event to help us raise money and more awareness of our work. We want your warm welcomes to help us keep giving families the welcomes they need. 

Run an online fundraiser 

Last year, one of our team set up our first ever Facebook Fundraiser. It raised over £200 from their friends and family that was used to buy Christmas gifts and welcome packs for families. Could you run one on Facebook or even just set up a just Virgin Giving Fundraiser. 

Donate for a Warm Welcome Christmas Gift

This year we are working with a local business to provide gifts for the families we work with. Last year we set up an Amazon gift list because it was easy to do it. We had a fabulous response with over 70 gifts delivered to our office. We hope those of you that bought gifts directly from Amazon last year will support us by donating to Our Christmas Gift Fundraiser on either Facebook or Virgin Giving. (Image of the gifts parents will be sent out)

Need help with your Warm Welcome 2020 fundraiser 

Contact Hillary, the fundraising manager and Sarah, who will do there best to support your fundraising event. 

Other Ideas - shop at the Co-Op - they're supporting us again this year!

Small Business? Donate via the Work for Good platform between 1st-31st December, you may be able to double your donation up to £500! 




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