Warm Welcome campaign

Help us raise £1000 to keep giving our great Warm Welcome to local families. 

The parents of baby Grace, Sarah and Paul, felt like no one listened to them. They were living in a horrible place, in poverty, and felt unsafe because of where they lived. The couple are far from unique - lots of the parents we work with feel like this.

One of the things that makes us unique is the warm welcome we give to every single family. We work hard with parents like Lucy and Paul so they can believe in themselves and understand how their lives can be different.

What is the Warm Welcome campaign?

This winter, we are running our first digital campaign on Facebook. We are trying to reach out to more local people. 
As part of the campaign, we are asking people who support us to make either a donation to our Facebook fundraiser or buy Christmas gifts from our Amazon wish list for families.

Why is a warm welcome important? 

The families we are working with need help with lots of different issues; they are some of the most vulnerable in society. They are caught in a cycle of poverty while struggling with other problems like mental health, learning difficulties, housing and employment. They often feel like no one believes in them. We work hard to make it clear that we think everyone can make changes. 

Why is it essential we help parents? 

"Parenting is the biggest single factor affecting children's development and well-being." (Public Health England)
St Michael's focuses on how we can help parents to change children's lives. Lots of the parents we work with have hard childhoods themselves - many have grown up in care. They have not come from loving family homes. We work hard to show them what good parenting looks like, and to understand what their children need to feel safe, secure and happy. We do this through our different services and projects.

How do we make people feel welcome?

The way our teams greet parents and the warm and caring environment we create helps us build trust with families. We do this in so many different ways -  here are a few examples:

At our residential assessment centres, we provide each family with a welcome pack. 

"We know that many families arrive with very little, so another way of making them feel welcome is providing that welcome pack of the ingredients for their first meal, toiletries and cleaning products to get them started. It means parents who are feeling unsure don't need to ask; every family receives a welcome pack." Centre Manager

Every Friday, our Outreach team runs a young parents group where we provide all parents with a hot cooked meal. Our team creates a homely environment that makes parents feel welcome and builds trust.

"They make you feel like you are part of a family, and the food is amazing. When I came here I was nervous. Shelia had come to my house and told me to come along. She told me I'd meet mums like me. I don't know where I would be without them. They are like another mum, they care about us and our kids." Young Mum

So much work has gone into our Jigsaw Contact Centre spaces to make them feel like a home away from home. 

"The children from these separated families deserve to see their parents in a place that feels like home. This time is precious. The flatlet is set up so parents can cook some food and play games with children." Elaine, Head of Outreach

We believe all children deserve a happy childhood. The way we work with parents directly affects their children's lives. 
We have been doing this for nearly 120 years with the help of our supporters like you. 

How can you take part in the campaign Facebook Warm Welcome campaign? 

From Monday 18 November join our Warm Welcome campaign on Facebook
How you can help:

Just visit our Facebook page.



£20 pays for a Welcome Pack with food and essentials.

£80 pays for 20 families to have a hot meal at our young parents group. 

£100 pays for a separated family to spend the afternoon at our Jigsaw contact family. 

For local families via our Amazon gift list. 




Ask friends and family to join you in supporting the Warm Welcome Campaign this winter.





Any help you can give would be incredible. If you are on Facebook, please help by liking our page, sharing or commenting on our posts. Your support will help us reach more people and help us continue offering everyone a warm welcome. 




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