Governance & management

St Michael’s Fellowship is a charitable company (2914273) limited by guarantee incorporated on 23 March 1994. 'St Michael's Fellowship and All Angels' has existed since 1903 and 'St Michael's Fellowship' was registered as a charity (charity number 1035820) on 31 March 1994. 

The trustees have approved and adopted a Governance Manual, based on the Charity Governance Code, to provide guidance to Trustees and staff involved in the governance and management of the organisation.

St Michael's board of trustees, which meets formally six times a year, delegates to the Chief Executive the responsibility for managing all the day-to-day affairs of the organisation that fall within the scope of an annually agreed budget and operating plan.  Certain matters, for example changes to governing documents, are reserved entirely to the board.  The work of the board is supported by three sub-committees – Finance, Fundraising and Services.

The trustees believe that the diversity of the service users and staff should be reflected in the composition of the board and recognises that diversity in all its forms leads to a more effective board. 

The board annually reviews and assesses its own performance and the performance of its sub-committees.  The appraisal of the Chair is carried out by the Deputy Chair having gathered the views of other Trustees.The board ensures conflicts of interest and duties are properly addressed and has adopted a conflicts of interest policy.  The trustees have no beneficial interest in the charity.

Trustees, who give their time voluntarily, are recruited by advertisement and introduction.  New appointments are made in accordance with a matrix of skills and experience required.  New trustees are inducted by way of personal briefings, an induction pack and the support of a more experienced trustee.  All trustees are given opportunities for relevant training.

Further information about St Michael’s structure, governance and management is given in its Trustees’ Annual Report together with its policy for the remuneration for key management personnel.



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