Kim – young domestic abuse: a toolkit for youth workers

Kim – young domestic abuse is a toolkit for teachers, youth facilitators and community groups working with young people. Kim introduces and explores the difficult issue of domestic abuse in young relationships. Kim helps young people to identify different kinds of domestic abuse and the impact on children. It helps young people have an understanding of healthy relationships.  It teaches how to recongise warning signs, how to get help and how to support a friend.

Teenagers and single parents have the highest risk of domestic abuse.

The toolkit contains workshop activities based around the characters including:

  • the actions of the perpetrator
  • the emotions of the victim
  • the experiences of the child
  • the role of friends and bystanders
  • common myths and steroetypes about abuse in teenage relationships

The film also tackles the difficult topic of children’s social care and sees Kim attending a case conference.

Kim Part 1 (18 minutes)

Kim Part 2 (14 minutes)

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