Mother’s Day 2024 – #MaternalHealthMatters

For Mothers Day 2024 we were thrilled to parnter with For Baby’s Sake! and support the launch of the #MaternalHealthMatters campaign.

Together, we’re raising awareness for safer childbirth experiences and advocating for every parent to feel safe, heard and supported.

As maternal mortality rates in the UK reach a two-decade high, the campaign advocates for Emotional Safety Plans for parents and professionals to be implemented in maternity units across the nation.

Black mothers are 3.7x more likely to die in pregnancy or within the first year of having their child, in comparison to white mothers, and Asian mothers are nearly 2x more likely. 

What the Emotional Safety Plans provide:

The Emotional Safety Plan is an empowerment and self-agency tool for anyone preparing for the birth of a baby.  It can be used by expectant mothers, fathers, co-parents, or non-birthing partners, individually or together, making support available to the whole family.  Those using it can record what they may need to feel listened to, including preferences about how they are spoken to, or how options and choices are explained, so they can process, recognise and manage their feelings, to feel safe before, during and after birth.”

From 2019-2021, maternal mortality rates of mothers living in the most deprived areas, were more than twice as high in comparison to mothers living in the least deprived areas.


On April 16 2024 Our Director Sue Pettigrew OBE and Outreach Manager Sheila Daley spoke at the For Baby’s Sake Webinar – #MaternalHealthMatters. It was a brilliant chance to share some of our work and to talk about how we plan to use the Emotional Safety Plans across our services.

you can watch the webinar on youtube here