Child Safety Awareness Week

It's Child Safety Awareness week! This week's community education campaign is organised by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) to share safety knowledge to protect children.

One child dies every week
An average of one child dies every week from an accident at home in England (Public Health England). These deadly accidents can be prevented if everyone is aware of the risks. That's why this week is so important! The CAPT has lots of life-saving tips and resources on their website (which you can access here) that will help you protect your little ones. They offer different fact sheets on how to prevent the five most common accidents (choking, burns and scalds, poisoning, falls, and drowning). These can be found here. Each contains guidelines and things to look out for that might seem harmless.

An example is grapes, which can get stuck in children’s throats, and which need to be cut lengthways or in quarters. Laundry pods can also be mistaken for sweets by children because of their colours, which can result in poisoning. Another risk to watch out for is button batteries which can burn a hole through a child’s throat if swallowed. The CAPT outlines some simple changes to your routine that can make your home a safe place for children. 

Free workshop
The Child Accident Prevention trust is alo organising a free webinar on burn prevention and first aid on the 8th of June at 1pm! You can register for free on their website under this link. 

Starting a conversation
Sharing this knowledge can be life-saving. This week is all about educating yourself on the ways you can protect your child from preventable accidents, so get sharing! 



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