Creative course explores what it takes to be a good dad

Young dads took part in a creative course designed to help them explore their identity as a father.

The course used photography, videography and other creative outlets to explore different themes around healthy relationships and parenting. It was run in partnership with Photofusion based in Brixton with the support of professional photographer. Each week the dads explored different areas. 

Arnold, our young father's practitioner explains:  

"The project pulled together so many different threads, looking at relationships, identity and skills development. The medium of photography, video and audio helped engage the dad’s we work with. By using these creative process, we were able to cover some important themes around what it means to be a dad.

"The aim was to explore the experiences dads face pre, during and post the birth of their child. It was really moving to see the journey that some of these guys went on, watching them work with their children and partners during the photoshoot session and exploring their own identity and the representation or lack of and support for young dads that continues to exist in society today."  

One Dad said:

“This group really helped prepare me for when my child was born. If I had not heard about the experiences other dads had faced, during the birthing process especially, I would have probably freaked out.”

This is one of the main reasons we encourage dads and young men to talk to each other.

Research shows that parenting is one of the biggest factors in whether a child will have a happy life. We work hard with parents to help them develop their parenting skills and understand child development. Alongside this, we also support them with other issues which have a huge impact on their ability to raise their children: issues such as poverty, housing, access to education and employment and their mental health.  

If you are a young parent or work with young parents and would like to know more about our services please contact our teams or look at our website. 




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