Dan tells us about the new 84!

Our Office Manager Dan tells us about what he's been up to in our houses since Covid-19. 

How have you had to adapt in perfoming your role at St. Michael's because of Covid-19?

Since I'm working from home, all calls to head office have been re-directed to my mobile. Most calls are enquiries about referrals to the houses due to greater need to place families in this tricky time. These come from either solicitors or direct from local authorities and obviously now we are fortunate to be able to look at placing families again. 

How has it been for you in carrying things out digitally? 

I have had to adapt our bi-monthly trustee meetings to zoom, we had out first lockdown meeting last month. It actually went well and was not as tricky as I thought it would be in gathering notes. 

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Could you let us know some of the work going on at 84 (one of our residences)? 

We will be using 84 as a quarantine house to put families in for two weeks prior to being housed in one of our other units. I've become somewhat of the charity's handyman as a lot of the furniture from storage needed fixing. I put my sketchy DIY skills to use and as far as I know nothing has come apart again!




Image may contain: indoorWhat was your experience of gathering PPE for our staff? 

Usually I'm ordering stock, whether it's stationary for bedroom furniture. With Covid-19 I've had to order lots of PPE which has been a real struggle with inflated prices and high demand. Fortunately, I've been able to make links with suppliers, including getting hold of the government-held stock. Unfortunately, most of the orders go to our director Sue's house which means her hallway has become a bit of a warehouse! 





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