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Every child deserves the very best contact experience. 

We hope you agree and can help us spread the word about our wonderful centre.  

We have pulled together the experience of people who use our centre and included pictures of the two separate spaces we have set up. - You can read our new brochure.

So much effort is put into making our centre feel like a home away from home. Whatever the circumstances children should have the best experience we can offer them, and that's what makes us stand out from lots of other centres.  

The Jigsaw Contact Service weaves together a child-friendly homely feel with exceptionally high standards and attention to the safety above all. It is a paid-for service, but we operate it so it reflects our charity's values, making sure children are at the heart of our decisions, and that parents feel respected and listened to. 

In response to Covid19, we also set up a virtual contact service to keep supporting families and now offer different contact services.   

We want everyone to feel like Jigsaw is a place they would be happy to bring their own children. 

 "It’s got a kindness, friendliness and niceness I wasn't expecting."

A mother who drops her children off for contact

All children should be able to see their parents in a place where they feel happy and safe.

Contact is a precious time for families, and we do our best to make it a good experience for everyone.  

This can include family members like grandparents and siblings, foster carers and social workers.

“Honestly [the Jigsaw team] have been brilliant, they make you all feel so welcome. You can tell it’s more than a job to them, you can feel the warmth and so can the kids.

At other centres, you go in, and they’re like 'Yeah, sign-in', and that’s it. At St Michael's, it seems like a small family. At Christmas, they gave the children gifts. It is the personal touches that make the difference everyone is so friendly.”

Jenny, a foster carer for 14 years.

High-Quality Service 

We provide well detailed and comprehensive notes for our supervised contact sessions. 

"They are very quick to respond and help to solve any issues. Everyone is very friendly and the children enjoy seeing staff who know them well."

Sarah, a social worker

St Michael's set up our child-friendly contact centre because we wanted to create a cosy home away from home. It is also important that parents and other professionals feel confident and safe using our service.

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