The importance of training our employees

We invest in training

On-going training and professional development are crucial for everyone working at St Michael’s.

We know that investing in training and development helps keep staff morale and our standards high and makes sure families and our teams safe.

We pride ourselves on our ability to build trust with parents who need parenting support or support in other areas of their life. To do this we need to make sure our teams get ongoing training and support from their managers and colleagues.

“Not only are we keen to invest in our teams but also in the future of social work, we accredited and supportive placements for social work students. Working in our assessment centres give them another perspective on the possible support families need. ” Sue Pettigrew, Director

Why is training so important?

In some areas of our work, it is a legal requirement but we like to go far beyond that.

We know it motivates our teams and shows that we genuinely want them to succeed and be the best. It gives them a chance to learn in a new environment, contributes to team relationship building and take a break from their working day.

Our staff tell us they feel refreshed and more confident after training.  It helps them understand how any updates or changes to the care sector affects them and the parents they are working with.  It also helps them find new ways of working with parents.

Here we wanted to share some of the key training we offer

Training to Keep people safe

All staff are given safeguarding awareness training. Everyone also takes “Health and safety in the workplace" and additional fire warden training.

For our outreach and supervised contact staff, take a Lone Working Awareness training is essential for anyone likely to be alone on shift or at a client’s home.

They also must complete a first aid course every three years unless they have valid certification

Training tools-Working with parents with learning disabilities or difficulties

PAMS or Parental Assessment Manual are an integral part of our work with parents with learning difficulties and disabilities. These are such important tools to make sure parents get a fair assessment.  It gives staff an insight into parents’ difficulties. They are assessed based on how they deal with independence, social tasks and problem solving. These are used in our family assessments but are also useful for practitioners working with families from social workers to clinical psychologists.

Training for residential staff

Teams working in our family residential assessment centres need to make sure they are up to date on key training areas. To make sure this happens they undergo these training modules every three years.


Investing in training and the future of social work

No matter what team you work in at St Michael’s training will be an important part of your role development. We encourage everyone to let us know what additional training will support their practice and development from leadership and management and trauma informed practice  training to mental health and wellness sessions.

We also offer Newly Qualified Social Workers (NQSWs) the Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) programme. The ASYE is a twelve month, employer-led programme.

You can read all the training we have given staff between 2019 – 2021 here (this will be alink to another webpage listing all the training from these years)

Here is more information about working with us. You can also sign up for our job alerts (link currently missing from the website)


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