Lambeth young parents WhatsApp group

Our Lambeth young parents WhatsApp group give parents the chance to share their successes, find out about activities and support.

Why the WhatsApp was set-up?

It's the way most of the parents prefer to contact them with messages about group activities. The groups was initially set-up to help our young parent practitioner to promote the activities we run for young parents.  It now does that but also gives young mums and dads a place to share information amongst themselves. 

Other infomation they share

It's not unusual now for parents to share the things, like activities for kids, special offers, food that they have made at our cook-up or to ask for support from the group.

The photo above is from a parent who made the dish at our Cook-Up Group at Henry Fawcett Children's Centre.  

It's always great to see them sharing things they are proud of and also to see how supportive the group can be. Sometimes when mums come across good deals or activities for children, they share that information in there too. 

Who can join the Whatsapp group? 

It's a closed group, and you can only join if you are a young parent under 24 who is from Lambeth. Parents can become a member by contacting us directly or being referred. We wanted to let people know that its there and a great way for young parents to find out what support is out there for them.

As well as our activities, we also share any new opportunities that come up - training or support. This week we shared lots of information from the Princes Trust about job training opportunities. 

If you work with a young parent, please let them know about us or make a referral. Most of the parents we work with say the one thing they wished was that someone had told them about our services sooner. 

Also, if you have information you would like to get out to young parents please contact us so we can share your information with them. 

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