New young parents co-parenting course

A Co-parenting online course for young parents launching next week will help make happier children.

When relationships break down or parents are not living together this has an impact on the children. Co-parenting is about working together to make sure children don't suffer. It can be an incredibly stressful situation, especially if the parents have split up and there are lots of other issues going on around the relationship.

Co-parenting course improving relationships 

The course run by our Young Parents Outreach team is designed to bring different young mums and dads together. This will help them see things from different parents perspectives. Each week they will work through some of the problems the parents face, looking for solutions and better ways of handling situations. It's about improving relationships, communication, understanding and putting the child needs first and foremost. 

Happier Children

Studies have shown that children who are co-parented successfully are more likely to be happy, achieve more and feel safe. 

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