Parenting poem

Today is National poetry day so to celebrate we wanted to share a beautiful poem crafted by one of our talented young parent practitioners, Sheila Daley. 


We have been blessed with the responsibility to raise a product for the future.

A chance to create an instrument to play in the world’s orchestra

It is the way we manipulate, bend, polish and nurture,

That determines the outcome of our children and their behaviour.


Each action taken, words said, how we deal with challenging encounters,

Is an example set in our children’s minds, be aware because it matters.

From the time of their birth and for each day that follows there-after

Adjust yourself and your actions to be a positive, productive conductor.


Point out disrespectful behaviour and give praise when respect is displayed.

Acknowledge your child’s emotions even anger or when feeling afraid.

Celebrate positive achievement no matter how you think them small.

Allow them to share their ideas, make them feel a part of it all.


To them home should be safe, where love is open and theirs.

Shown in hugs, smiles, complimentary words and discipline just and fair.

Put emphasis on their abilities, show you’re proud of who they are.

And mistakes they may make can be lessons learnt even in a time afar.


Encourage them to overcome self-doubting and to try a new tune or two.

The instruments brought into this world are an extension of you.

Let the music that’s played be finely tuned, melodic, sweet and clear.

Time spent in our worlds’ orchestra is limited to be enjoyed whilst we are here.


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