Quarantine: adapting our residential service during Covid

Quarantine - how it works

Since March, we've had to limit the number of families we work with at our residential centres in order to keep families and staff safe. 

In a 'normal' year, we'd work with about 50 families.  They come from precarious backgrounds and are at high risk for Covid-19. 

So we have re-purposed one of our four residential centres to quarantine each new family before they are admitted to a centre for assessment where they would be sharing space with other families.  Quarantine is for 14 days. The family has the sole use of an open plan living area with access to the garden and Netflix. During this time, to ensure children's safety, parents are monitored and supported by staff who come from the centre the family will move on to. This is intensive work with two staff on shift at all times, even though staff do not start the assessment during the quarantine period.  

As at our other centres, we've installed a video monitor in the bedroom, so reducing the number of times the family is physically monitored during the night, a device we wouldn't normally use. 

Lost income - but children's safety comes first

We expect to take one family per month in quarantine, as we must deep clean in between families, and there is always some uncertainty about admission dates.

This adapted service model does mean a loss of income - we have fewer families staying with us but we employ the same number of residential staff for the same hours, to make sure that children are safe.

We are determined to keep this vital service going. Residential family assessment supports families to make sustainable changes to parenting, behaviours and relationships. It improves a child’s safety and life chances, with a wider impact on local communities and public services. 

We have applied for funding to bridge the gap during this period where one centre is used for quarantine. If you are able to make a contribution, we would be most grateful. 

Your gift can help maintain our residential service during the Covid crisis. Donate online here. 

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