Nicole – Stories from our work

Lock-down in 2020 meant we had to rethink how we supported young parents in Lambeth. These parents needed us now more than ever. We got them data so they could get online and helped them get the tech they needed. 

Thanks to our wonderful supporters we were able to do this. 

Here’s feedback from one of the mums Nicole that we met this year. 

What was life like before you joined St Michael’s healthy relationships project? 

It was hard I could not afford credit for my phone. St Michaels have helped me to be able to make calls every day. I was feeling very frustrated and alone with no help.  

What made you decide to get involved? 

I got involved with St Michaels as I have been suffering with depression as my Mum died in May this year. My Health Visitor referred me in the hope that they could offer me support. I had never heard of them before and didn’t know how much of an asset they were going to be in my life.

What have been your experiences of this St Michael’s project? 

I have been able to ask for support when I needed it. Practical and emotional. It feels like I’ve known Lorraine for a long time she’s so caring she’s always there for me.  

What’s changed as a result of this project? 

I’ve been able to get support with phone credit to enable me to make calls to housing as I was on the verge of being made homeless. My brother took over my mum’s house when she died and I had to go and live at my dad’s house with my daughter. There were seven of us in a two-bedroom property. I have been able to make calls to housing also with the help of my support worker Lorraine. I would not have been able to make the necessary calls I needed to. I am now in temporary accommodation.

What would you say to others thinking about taking part in this St Michael’s project? 

Definitely, it is life-changing. I no longer feel alone. My support worker has been reliable and always there for me.

Do you have anything else you would like to say about this St Michael’s project? 

Very thankful for you guys

*names have been changed

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