Think Fathers


Think Fathers! Why men matter

Think Fathers - some thoughts for professionals working with young parents

Fathers matter but so often dads, and especially young dads, feel excluded from maternity and children's services. St Michael's wants this to change.

How you can make a difference? If you provide a service for children and their parents, young dads suggest the following:

  • Keep inviting dads.
  • Do all your forms 'think fathers' as well as mothers?
  • Audit your services - which dads come, and why?
  • When are your sessions? Can men get there?
  • Use photos! Do men have a presence?
  • Nappy changing rooms should welcome mums AND dads.
  • Decor should welcome men too.
  • Send all info to dads as well as mums.

Value fathers; their self respect is important too. 

What would you like as main media?: