The Greening of St Michael's


The Eco Audit : what we learned

Although we've considered ourselves environmentally conscious for many years, we know things change quickly and it's just as important to keep up to date with recent discoveries and resources on the green front as it is reviewing the latest thinking on parents and families. 

The City Bridge Trust runs a grant giving programme to fund eco audits and we were delighted to be one of the recipients chosen earlier this year. 

Donnachadh McCarthy from 3 Acorns carried out an eco audit at our head office in Streatham and at one of our four residential houses.  He also delivered a half day workshop to staff so that what we learn about best practice can be shared with parents. 

We've now carrying out eco audits at our other three houses using 3 Acorns' template, and have started putting into effect the recommendations.  

Here's what we've done to date:

  • installed timers on some of the lighting at head office and put in switches so that the whole of a large room doesn't need to be lit when only a few people are working there 
  • installed a hand drier in the ladies toilet to cut down on paper towel waste
  • we're liaising with our landlords at the houses,(currently reviewing in the light of new standards), around loft insulation, reflective foil behind radiators and new theromstatic controls for radiators
  • planning to line all curtains with thermal lining
  • a member of staff has created an interactive workshop for parents about saving money through better envorinmental practice and this will be part of parents' sessions
  • ran a session with outreach parents and asked what would help nudge them into adopting energy saving practices. They decided fridge magnets would be a great reminder and with NCB we've produced and are distributing these to round parents around Lambeth.

We'll update you as we move further into the green later this year and beyond.  

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