Ofsted reviews:

Ofsted feedback reviews:

Ofsted has rated one centre as “outstanding” Our other centres are rated, “good with outstanding features”. We are proud of all our centres.

Each centre meets different issues and needs: 

Centre 1:

This specialises in supporting parents with substance misuse issues.

“Children benefit from a service, which is individually tailored to maximise their parent’s potential. Staff work tenaciously and creatively to enable parents to demonstrate their capability and skills. The setting provides holistic support, which endeavours to help parents develop as caregivers and individuals. Children’s needs are at the centre of the assessment process. The voice of the child comprehensively threads through the setting’s way of working.”

“The organisation are leaders in their field and there is an exceptional commitment to research and innovative work. This enables them to dynamically influence the social care sector.”

“Parents describe surveillance as ‘hard’. However, they recognise how it helps them develop.”

‘The inspiring partnership with Middlesex University is of mutual benefit to both parties. Staff receive an enhanced level of training, which includes the use of specific evidence based assessment tools”.

“…it helps parents reflect on and improve the interactions with their children.’ A parent comments on the benefit of this; stating their child is ‘now laughing, is happy and smiles at everyone.’ Another adds they are ‘bonding more as a family.”

Centre 2:

This specialises in helping parents with learning difficulties.

“Parents feel comfortable to challenge elements of the assessment process where needed. They actively make complaints, voice their concerns and influence decision-making.”

“The centre specialises in working with parents who have a learning difficulty. They have developed a variety of teaching tools and approaches to help parents. Staff use a wide range of forward-thinking assessment methods.”

“Feedback from professionals is exceptionally positive. The highly effective working relationships with other agencies and professionals ensure families receive the necessary specialist support.”

“This enables each family to receive responsive and personalised support. Daily observation sheets are written from a child’s point of view. A social worker states, staff ‘were incredibly child focused throughout and this in my view is their greatest strength.”

“Children and parents benefit from positive relationships with staff. They are treated with compassion, dignity and respect. Parents generally appreciate the high level of support.”

“Parents gain the confidence to attend other community resources, which includes a wide range of children’s centres, libraries, soft play centres and toy libraries. Children benefit from the social interaction and enriching experiences, which contributes towards their development.”

Centre 3:

This centre is dedicated to supporting young mothers.

“The centre continues to evolve innovatively to meet the needs of families. Children and their parents benefit from a personally tailored service, excellent assessments, dynamic leadership and innovative partnership arrangements.”

“The centre excels in its involvement in research, which is having an impact on families within the centre, the organisation, the locality and nationally.”

“The centre offers a safe space for young women to explore their past and the impact of their violent or abusive relationships.”

“Staff are aware of the intensive nature of the assessment process and the constraints. They try to combat this through organising external and internal activities.”

“The team’s diverse experience includes social work, teaching, mentoring, and working with children and adults with mental health and learning needs.”

“Staff excel in court due to their comprehensive court preparation sessions. They commend the extensive training opportunities which enable them to develop professionally.”

Centre 4:

This specialises in supporting parents with mental health problems.

“The setting has particular expertise in working with parents who have personality disorders. The setting provides exceptional holistic support to parents and the proactive therapeutic approach works inspiringly well.”

“Assessments provide comprehensive evidence and accurately express parents’ capacity to change. The use of cognitive behavioural therapy and an extensive range of creative practices are key to parental transformation. An example is the use of mindfulness, which helps parents to be purposefully present in the moment.”

“The setting has an exceptionally stable, diverse staff team who have a wealth of experience in various areas. This includes art therapy, mindfulness, cognitive therapy, counselling, youth work and special needs education.”

“Partnership arrangements are forward thinking, highly effective and well embedded resulting in a life enriching experience for families. Feedback from professionals is considerably impressive.”