One-to-one support

young mother and practitioner

One-to-one support for young parents is one of the most powerful ways of making a difference to their and their children's lives.

One of the key factors key factors in turning the lives of young parents around and improving resilience is having the support of a trusted adult. 

One-to-one support in Lambeth

We work with young mums and dads in Lambeth. They can call us for support or they can be referred by other professionals who think they would benefit from extra support.

We have a significant impact on young parents lives through intensive one-to-one relationships built on trust and respect involving home visits or meetings in a neutral space.

"I didn't trust any professionals, they weren't real and they were too scared to tell me the truth -because of how I might react. But David was different, he wasn't scared to tell me how it was. I really respected him for that," one of the dads supported by our young fathers worker. 

We are honest and reliable, which includes being able to convey difficult messages. Parents tell us they only want to tell their story once so we try to provide a ‘one-stop service’ for all their issues. 

Offering one-to-one support for over 10 years

Our team has lots of experience. Most have been working with parents in Lambeth for over 10 years.

A reputation built on honesty and trust

They have developed a reputation of trust and we often have new parents referred to us via their friends and family who we many have helped in the past. Its also not usual for parents to pop in and let us know how they are doing long after their children have grown and they are no longer classed as young parents.

They also know they can come back to us if things start to go wrong for them again or they need more support, This could be for help finding housing, mental heath issues or getting a job.

We help them understand how to engage with other professionals and also help other professionals understand where the young person is coming from.

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