Our Green Credentials

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We take our green credentials and environmental responsibilities seriously. A healthy and sustainable environment means a better future for children and their families. It's also our duty to use our resources as efficiently as possible and environmentally-friendly practices help us do this.

Using water in a green and sustainable way

We aim to use energy and water as efficiently as possible, we give preference to environmentally responsible suppliers and products and we recycle, repair and reuse whenever possible. 

Improving our enviroment

In 2016 we received funding from City Bridge Trust for an eco audit, our first for a number of years, by 3 Acorns. The emphasis is not only on us constantly reviewing and improving our own environmental practice but also passing on what we're learning to the parents we work with, and encouraging them to adopt and adapt these ideas in their own homes. 

We're putting recommendations into practice and you can follow progress on our blog. 

You can download our environmental policy below. 


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