Podcast - Working with parents

Working with Parents podcast will give you a peep into the work we do with some of this countries most vulnerable families. It will share fascinating insights on big issues affecting how parents look after their children.

What is the Working with Parents podcast about?

Our first episode looks into poverty, but future episodes will delve into issues faced by parents with learning difficulties and by young dads.

At St Michael's, we want to give disadvantaged children the best start in life by working directly with parents. This podcast will help other professionals and our supporters understand how we work with parents to make this happen. This podcast will help them see what parents are up against whilst giving them a deeper understanding of their lives. 

Is the Working with Parents podcast for me? 

  1. Do you want practical insight into working with vulnerable parents?
  2. Are you interested in finding out how we work with different parents? 
  3. Would you like to hear from the parents themselves?
  4. Hear from other expert organisations on issues ranging from poverty, parents with learning difficulties, working with dads? 

If yes, please listen to our Working with Parents podcast. 

Listen Here

Ideas for the Working with Parents podcast

Every week our teams are working through so many different issues with parents. At our residential assessment centres, parents may have learning difficulties, mental health problems or be recovering from addiction; sometimes, sadly, all three. We run groups that support women affected by domestic abuse and offer support to young parents in Lambeth through 121 support and via our groups.

There are so many topics we could cover if there is a topic you would be interested in hearing more about please contact sarah@stmichaelsfellowship.org.uk 

What would you like as main media?: