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'Like a hotel!'- a young parent

Brochure below with prices and feedback from parents, children and professionals.  To book, use our online enquiry form or see below. 

Jigsaw: The essential information 

Main feedback reviews:

St Michael’s is “very quick to respond and help to solve any issues. Everyone is very friendly and the children enjoy the consistency of staff who know them well."

“You can tell it’s more than a job to them, you can feel the warmth and so can the kids. At other centres, you go in, and they’re like ”Yeah, sign-in”, and that’s it. At St Michael's, it seems like a small family.”

What is it?

Our 'Jigsaw' contact centre is a child-friendly, self-contained family space in South London (Streatham). This service helps separated parents and children build a stronger and healthier relationship. We aim to ensure both the child and parents have a good experience during contact and to make it as easy as possible for everyone. .

"I called to set up contact.  It was very easy and after the initial interview meeting, I was offered contact practically immediately." Dad

Who is it for?

This programme is offered to parents living apart from their child.

Why does this service exist?

This service helps reunite parents and their child in a safe way and helps them to build a strong bond. 

Where and when does this service happen?

This service can be booked Monday - Saturday during the day and early evening, as pre-agreed by the parents.  Jigsaw is in Streatham and also online

How does it work?

1. A family will be referred to St Michael's Fellowship.

2. Parents and child/children will be invited to come along for a visit to the centre.

3. Children are able to play with our range of toys/books while the parent and Elvedina can discuss any questions or queries.

4. Mum and dad are often given different times to arrive/drop-off the children in order to prevent any unnecessary tension.

5. The child/children and parent are able to relax in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, while Elvedina writes observations of the parent-child interaction. 

6. Observation notes are sent to both parents and social workers.

8. Observation notes are used in court to assist with helping a parent gain access to their child, or prohibition if necessary. 

An insight into Jigsaw Contact Centre:

"It was fantastic and I had a very good contact with my daughter." - Mum

Jigsaw has two separate spaces. 

  1. The first space is set up as a flatlet with its own kitchen, dining space, bathroom and living area furnished with a playpen and plenty of toys.
  2. The second space is a large, bright room especially suitable for older children. It has a table, chairs for craft-work, comfy sofas, board games, football table, TV, a fridge, microwave and kettle. 

What can Jigsaw be booked for?

Jigsaw can be booked for:

Accredited family contact service

We are an accredited member of the National Association of Child Contact Centres as a centre and provider of supervised contact.  Parents rate our staff "fantastic", "experienced", "good relationship towards my family". The service is also highly rated by professionals.

We also offer extended contact - up to a full working day - making use of the play, cooking, dining and bathing facilities available.

Prices for this service: 

The hourly fee varies depending on the length and nature of the contact. Jigsaw may be booked for a full day, half-day, or hourly. 

Parent prices


Space-only hire

Supported contact

Supervised contact





Half day (4hrs)




Full day (8hrs)





Local Authority Prices

At Jigsaw  Supported Contact 


Supervised Contact 






Half day 





Opening hours of Jigsaw services:

  • Monday-Friday: 09:00 - 18:00
  • Saturday: 09:00 - 17:00
  • Sunday: closed

To book or find out more:

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