Family residential assessment centres

We are an independent charity with three residential family assessment centres in South London.

We have an excellent reputation when it comes to understanding the families we work with and building trust. Our in-depth assessments also help social workers and judges feel confident in the very difficult decisions they are making about peoples lives.  

In-depth family residential assessment

Families who need a family residential assessment can come to our centres and feel confident they will get a fair assessment.

It took 9 weeks to make me realise they wanted the best for us, they helped us so much. We have now finished our assessment and we are now home. Without this place I think we would of lost our baby girl. So all I can say is be honest about everything, they are here to help you like they did us.” Parent

They will be supported and assessed by our very experienced staff using our in-house tools and the latest techniques. All this information is put into our detailed reports. This layout clearly how we came to make the final recommendation. Our recommendations are rarely overturned. 

A fair family residential assessment

Parents with learning difficulties are more likely to have a child removed, and this does not always need to happen. 

We are one of the few family residential assessment centres who specialise in assessing and supporting parents with learning difficulties. 

We are residential family assessment specialists working with: 

  • Parents with learning difficulties
  • Parents with mental health issues
  • Very young parents 
  • Recovering addicts and domestic violence 

Excellent Ofsted ratings

 One residential family assessment centre as Outstanding and the others Good with Outstanding features

"The placement offered security, safety and professional assessment to enable my family to be able to work to demonstrate the ability to meet their child’s needs and safeguard her appropriately. The child returned home in the care of her parents due to the intensive work completed with them to get them to face their limitations and appropriately address them." - Social Worker

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