Video contact from Jigsaw

During the coronavirus pandemic, Jigsaw Contact Centre is offering a video contact service to families. These are worrying times for all parents, carers and their children. We’re doing everything we can to help. So whilst we’ve postponed all face to face contacts including handovers, we’re determined to keep contact happening.

Video call contact will be monitored by a member of staff from Jigsaw.  

The video call contact doesn’t replace the child’s regular contact with non-resident parent. This is a temporary solution until the situation becomes more stable and safe from the coronavirus.

The process:

If families are interested, this is what will happen:

  • Jigsaw contacts to arrange the best time for video call contacts  
  • A pre video call with child and resident parent to advise both about this type of contact, the limitations and to explain what they can expect. We are using the ZOOM app – parents should try to use the app before the video call contact so they are used to it.   
  • Each parent will receive a link via email. They click to join the video call at an allocated time.
  • A resident parent must not to be in the room with the child during the video call contact. Calls are monitored by staff. Staff will take short notes about the content of the call.
  • During the video call, contact staff will not be visible to the non-resident parent and the child but will be able to see and hear them.
  • Parents must not record video call contacts.
  • We suggest weekly video call contact as they are likely to be short. We will reassure the children that all parents are there for them and thinking of them.
  • We suggest planning for the video call contact to last for a maximum of half an hour. However, the child should decide how long they want to talk to their non-resident parent.
  • If you’re interested in the video call contact service, please contact Jigsaw.


For new customers: one off set up fee £25, £ 60 for 1 hour Zoom session with notes. Minimum charge £30 for half an hour or less.

For further information: please get in touch! 

To book or find out more, download a referral form below, use our online enquiry formemail or call 020 8835 9570 and ask for a member of the Jigsaw team.