Lock-down activities with kids

Lock-down is challenging for parents. Lots of the young parents (in fact even older parents too) will be trying to find activities and ways of entertaining their children. Thigs they can do together and also things which will encourage the children to play independtly so they can get a bit of ME time. 

Over on our Lambeth Young Parents WhatsApp Group we have been sharing ideas and free resources. 

We thought it might be useful to share these ideas with more parents

Running out of ideas arts and craft ideas

Look for ideas on Pinterest.com its packed with ideas and things you can make from the recycling bin! Just search 'crafts with egg boxes' or whatever items you have in your recycling and it will give you lots of different ideas.

Missing your playgroups?

Daily free music online classes for under 5s Www.tinpanannie.co.uk You can also do your own circle singing time. Put your children's favourite songs in a box and get them to pick them out. 

Invest a little time for a little “time off”

If you have under 5s and want some creative ideas and that encourage independent play (while you grab yourself 5 minutes) try out giant snakes and ladders and toddler ping pong

Online Story time

Lots of top children's Authors are doing readings and activities online for free

Wriggle and Rhyme

Tina who runs Wriggle and Rhyme at Lambeth Libraries also has a Wriggle and Rhyme Facebook group. There are lots of ideas for keeping little ones entertained.

Streatham Mums Network

This Facebook group has lots of people on their sharing ideas from other parents about activities. Its also a great place to get advice and buy things you need for the kids. There was a post from this mum who has set up her own Facebook page showing how she's keeping her children entertained and educated during lockdown. 

The great indoor

Here are indoor activity ideas from the scouts.

We will be adding more things as we come across them. Let us know if you come across anything by emailing sarah@stmichaelsfellowship.org.uk

Free Audio books

Audible from amazon is offering lots of free audio childrens books. They have books for babies to teens. 


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