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One-to-one support for young parents is one of the most powerful ways of making a difference to the lives of them and their children. We have had experience in providing 1 to 1 support for young parents in Lambeth for over 20 years!

What is it?

This service offers 1 to 1 support with a keyworker. A critical factor in improving parents’ lives and resilience is having the support of a trusted adult.

We work with young mums and dads in Lambeth. They can call us for support or they can be referred by other professionals who think they would benefit from extra support. We have a significant impact on young parents’ lives through intensive 1 to 1 relationships built on trust and respect involving home visits or meetings in a neutral space.

We are honest and reliable, which includes being able to convey difficult messages. Parents tell us they only want to tell their story once so we try to provide a ‘one-stop service’ for all their issues.

“I didn’t trust any professionals, they weren’t real and they were too scared to tell me the truth -because of how I might react. But David was different, he wasn’t scared to tell me how it was. I really respected him for that,”

A dad supported by our young fathers worker.

Who is it for?

This service is available to young parents up to the age of 25 who live in Lambeth.

Why does this service exist?

This was established to help improve parenting skills, children’s health, and the family’s future.

Where and when does this service happen?

This service is available whenever the parents seek support. This happens in house visits and during support at meetings. Due to COVID, this service is currently online; offered as phone, WhatsApp and text support.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to parents for this service.

How do I make a referral or sign-up for support?

Young parents can refer themselves or can be referred by a professional. You can fill in our online referral or download and email the form below.

A reputation built on honesty and trust


  • Young parents may contact us because we have supported their friends. It’s not unusual for parents to pop in and let us know how they are doing long after their children have grown and they are no longer ‘young parents’.
  • Young parents know they can come back to us if things start to go wrong for them again or they need more support, This could be for help finding housing, mental health issues or getting a job.
  • We help them understand how to engage with other professionals and also help other professionals understand the issues facing the young person.
  • Refer a young parent in Lambeth for one-to-one here or download the form below


Residential Assessment Centres

Supporting families to keep children safe, healthy and happy.

Securing Change

Supporting parents in the community after a residential assessment.

Outreach Young Parent Support

Supporting young mothers and fathers in South London.

Jigsaw Contact Centre

A child-friendly contact service.

Caring Dads

Caring Dads is a group intervention programme aiming to help fathers, of any age, improve their relationship with their children.

Room Hire

Our family-friendly multi-use spaces in the heart of Streatham. 

x3 spaces: flatlet, large family room & meeting/training room.



Professionals can refer parents into all our services.


Parents can sign-up themselves for our outreach young parents support or Caring Dads programmes.

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