Young parents asked us to start support groups so they could connect with ‘someone like me’, help each other and learn parenting and personal skills as well as cooking!

Contact us to learn more or if you would like to join us!

“St Michael’s groups are the best I’ve been to. I can always count on a home-cooked meal & supportive advice.”

Young Mum at St Michael's Friday Group

Lotus Group

  • Runs at Henry Fawcett Children’s Centre
  • Bowling Green St, London SE11 5BZ
  • Wednesday 10am-12pm (term-time)

Friday Group

  • Runs at Loughborough Children’s Centre
  • Loughborough Primary School, Minet Road, SW9 7UA
  • Friday 10.30-3pm (term-time)



  • Runs at Henry Fawcett Children’s Centre
  • Bowling Green St, London SE11 5BZ
  • Wednesday 12.30pm-3pm (term-time)

NEW Dads Hub 

  • Runs at Roupell Park Community Centre, SW2 1HY
  • A place for fathers (and influential males) to talk & connect.
  • Wednesday, 6pm-8pm (term-time)

NEW Parents & Peanuts

  • Contact us for location details
  • Parents under 25 expecting a baby or have a child under 3.
  • Tuesdays 1pm-3pm (term-time)

NEW Young Mums: Community Active

  • Runs at St Stephens Children’s Centre Meadow Pl, London SW8 1XZ
  • Thursday 10.30am-12.30pm (term-time)


Residential Assessment Centres

Supporting families to keep children safe, healthy and happy.

Securing Change

Supporting parents in the community after a residential assessment.

Outreach Young Parent Support

Supporting young mothers and fathers in South London.

Jigsaw Contact Centre

A child-friendly contact service.

Caring Dads

Caring Dads is a group intervention programme aiming to help fathers, of any age, improve their relationship with their children.

Room Hire

Our family-friendly multi-use spaces in the heart of Streatham. 

x3 spaces: flatlet, large family room & meeting/training room.



Professionals can refer parents into all our services.


Parents can sign-up themselves for our outreach young parents support or Caring Dads programmes.

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