Training Services

What training do we offer our employees?

We understand the sensitivity of our work and the level of professionalism required; therefore we strive to make sure that all of our employees receive the necessary training to carry out their duties correctly.

All staff are required to take safeguarding awareness training. The level of training completed is based on the certification level and is decided by their line manager. Employees also must take the "Health and safety in the workplace" course, though this course covers fire safety, they can opt into additional fire warden training.

Employees are also encouraged to widen their knowledge through recommended reading. We provide pages on mental wellbeing and physical health as well as this can be used in conjunction with the Wellness Action Plans page. Furthermore, we offer extensive information on discrimination in the workplace and in social care. Employees can access these pages on the work SharePoint.

Sessional residential staff must complete a First Aid course every three years unless they have valid certification. However, for permanent residential staff, the following must be completed every three years unless they have valid certification:

-First Aid at Work (3 days)

-Fire Safety (1 hour)

-Health and Safety (2 hours)

-Conflict Resolution (2 hours)

-Food Safety and Hygiene (2 hours)

-Medication Awareness (2 hours)

-Infection Prevention and Control (2 hours)

-Diversity Awareness (2 hours) 

For our outreach and supervised contact staff, if they are likely to be alone on a shift they must take a Lone Working Awareness training. Those working in supervisor contact roles must keep records. Therefore, an in-house training course is arranged within the first three months to ensure records are kept at the highest standard. 


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