Young Fathers Group


Young Fathers Group: The essential information 

Young dads in Lambeth feel they have little support, so we knew we had to provide a group for them.

"The more involved a father is in a child's life, the better the child's life outcomes." Garfield, C. F & Isacco, A. (2006)

What is it? 

The Young Fathers Group is a drop-in where young fathers can explore and share their experiences of young fatherhood and discuss what it means to be a man. It includes a hot lunch. 

What does this group offer and how does it help?

The group creates a fathers'  peer support network and allows older group members to become mentors, while growing confident in their capabilities. It delivers a fathers parenting programme and provides a safe space where they can chill, chat and share concerns, ideas and solutions. As well as socialising, young fathers have the chance to learn and connect to become the best father they can be. During the session, fathers cook a hot meal together, and look at scenarios and child development exercises. 

There is also an opportunity to develop skills:

Who is it for?

This group is for young fathers (aged under 25) and their children in Lambeth.  

Why does this group exist?

“Dads, especially young dads, aren’t seen as part of the family eco system. They’re overlooked and undervalued. Some are hard to reach, labelled violent requiring anger management support. But most have historical childhood trauma that's not been addressed - been abused /witnessed abuse. They’re often missed in education or by social services” - Arnold, Young Fathers Practitioner 

Where and when does this group happen? CURRENTLY SUSPENDED

The group is help at Jigsaw in Streatham between 10.30 and 2 pm on Wednesdays. Jigsaw has a bathroom where babies can be changed and a fully equipped kitchen for heating bottles, making snacks and preparing food too.

What would you like as main media?: