What would you tell your younger self?

“When you’ve been in care, having a baby is like walking through a door. And on the other side you are not a kid who can ask for help anymore – you are an unfit mum geting ready to do what is expected of you.” Narrator from the film. 

This powerful animation as made by a charity called Just for Kids Law that gives young people support with legal issues. 

It tells the story of a young woman who was in care and got pregnant. It imagines her older self going back in time to tell her younger self what is in store for her. She wants to give herself the advice and support that she never got or wouldn’t accept. 

We build trust with young parents

We work with young parents in Lambeth and they include care leavers who get pregnant. Our young parent practitioners want to help and support them through this often difficult journey. The film really resonated with us and reflects the experiences of many of the young care leavers we work with. Like the film makers, we know it’s really important they get help as soon as possible. You can read about the young mums who made the film here

“We were determined that the animation should make an urgent appeal to young parents to get the support they need as soon as possible.” Kara young mum and filmmaker

We are experts in issues affecting young parents in Lambeth

We provide one to one support to young parents in Lambeth who are under 25. We also run groups and programmes to help them feel more supported and listened to. We have lots of experience supporting young parents through tough issues like domestic abuse and mental health issues.  

We give young parents the support they need

You can find out more about our Lambeth outreach services on the website. If you are a young parent and you need our help, or  if you’re a professional looking for extra support for someone you are working with, you can contact the outreach team directly by calling 020  8835 9570 or emailing outreach@stmichaelsfellowship.org.uk